welcome to EconomistRussia.com - related EconomistAmerica.com Russia is member of trading friendship networks: SCO cofounded since 1996-includes china pakistan india since 2017 various countries west of china south of russia which otherwise be very landlocked in middle of eurasia; BRICS (5 fastest changing nations -includes new dev bank), Arctic circle 8 nations include nordica, canada,usa- analysing 1984-1989 which politicians blinked over greatest peace opp since ww2.World Trade History of Calls to make friends with Russian peoples - see also AAAnation.ning.com

1984 #theeconomist foreseeing fall of berlin wall- urgent opportunity for peace dividend replacing cold war, welcome world trade with russian small enterprises
1996 lapere summit hosted in china -lets rebuild eurasian trade the way it positively civilised the world during days of silk road (see reports of marco polo)

china was invited to trade with fastest growing economies at BRICSforum from ...
following on clear assessment of chinese peoples needs and the nations rejuvenation, xi jinping announced his signature trade process with national and other place leaders will invite everyone to map one belt road
A=arctic B=brics
Finland AC
Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania Belarus; Ukraine
Georgia; Azerbaijan Turkmenistan;Uzbekistan;Kazakhstan
N Korea
Near Neigbors
Turkey Syria,Iraq Iran ,Afghanistan
Armenia, Poland,Germany
US Alaska AC Sweden AC Canada AC Iceland AC Greenland (Denmark) ac
S Korea; Japan;Taiwan..

Monday, December 31, 1984

yes bad things like invasion of ukraine happened but even those are nuanced- the german led european union must take a lot of blame didnt mediate because it wanted russias cheap energy- germany literally left ukrainans out to freeze- when you look at maps its a pity that the crimea wanst designed as some sort of join trading corridor between ukraine and russia and europe
the g7 has been terrible- its rile should be to mediate conflicts not to bar a country from discussion- no wonder the g7 is unlikely ever to be of any value as a summit again
china has done an extremely good jobs as it mus given the amlount of brodre it sheares with riussia- the sco is 10 times s,marter as a summit process than tyhe scary g7
the fact that since trump was elected the main media story has been trump did something wring with russia shows that american media has no innovative capability whatsoever- journalism has never sunk so low given the urgency with which sustainability issues needed investigating in any country that values its youth
the truth is that both war with nature and war between peoples depends on far smarter mediation of russia than g7 and its sad media have managed- there is the hope that the 8 arctic circle countries which summit with very little publicity will collaborate in ways that show americans and russians as people want to solve sustainability crises

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