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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Colonisation                                            (in memoriam james wilson)
- a process in which Western nation's navies were sent out to dominate eastern and southern hemispheres - usually turned belligerent in manner and organsied the value of trade and markets around the coloniser's interests. Ask how much did colonisation of a particular place cause women to become an underclass and analyse how it interacted with language and religion on local cultural identities. Expect to that infrastructures of ports may have had some modernisation benefits (once west led industrial revolution) but inside of nations got even further left behind in terms of communications and transport infrastructures.

Japan is one of the interesting exceptions. It didnt get colonised but did get forced to trade with USA from 1858. A result Japan became a coloniser itself, then in losing world war 2 underwent t a remarkable transformation mapping how world trade could be a win-win process - see consider Japan in The Economist for my family's (grandad Norman Macrae's) reporting. In origin the Macrae's were missionaries , Scots were colonised by England in 1700 and as over half of this nation emigrated by 1843 the missionary scot often tried to be the people's goodwill mediator. See eg paternal grand uncle's Norman macrae's reports from Korea and Nigeria in early 20th century.

China has beome the most exciting case of national development with defining impacts for anyone coming of age in 21st Century. However its road out of poverty is unique. Back around 1972 expatriate chinese and thoise epicentral to Hong Kong's trade were already becoming the third richest national identity. Once Chinese mainland chnaged its ideoogy they started massive internal investment in China

1972 is a key date in the future of the world from every perspective my family tree has ever mediated. It was when grandad first saw students experimenting with digital learning networks. His next 10 yeras of debates of the coming of the net generation turned The Economist into a global vilage viewspper and were popularised under terms enetreprenurual and post-industrial revolutio


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