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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

.21herstory according to
diaries of my maternal great grandfather and indian correspondence course that can be subscribed to at excellent museum of gandhi in MD

MG couldnt find anything he wanted to study in local Bombay universities of late 1870s; went to read to become a Barrister at Bar of London; on return to India couldnt find any interesting jobs, some south arrican indian expatriates invited him to practice there..

Gandhi's revolutionary learning came halfway through his life- authorities threw him out of a train for having the wrong skn color- the lesson top down empire law isnt the whole truth that can sustain my kind of people - in south africa or in india

From 1906 Gandhi plotted a revolution which started with a whole new schooling system full of job-creating local community curricula- in doing this he got the invaluable advice of Maria Montessori. The village schooling  (action learning) system they developed remains the most effective in ending illiteracy and celebrating cross-cultural harmony to this day

Only 20 years later on in the mid 1920s did Gandhi start challenging my maternal grandfather (the chief justice of Bombay now Mumbai) with creatively peaceful revolution acts such as the salt march where hundreds of indians led by Gandhi marched to the sea shore to collect salt where they were beaten up by the empire's police force for breaking the law (salt was legislated as a monopoly business of an English company). Gandhi knew that the Empire would look absurd if they sent to prison for organising the march- when my great grandfather asked him during the trial what would you (as a barrister) do if you were me- Gandhi said send me to prison. So that my great grandfather did, but he much preferred his last job over a decade later which was to help write up the legalese for India's Independence. The main thing my father remembers of his grandfather was he would begin every discussion with remember "nothing is impossible".

To this day, many of the world's most joyous events have some Gandhian whole truth in them from Mandela's peaceful resistance that freed South Africa from apartheid, to the way grassroots poorest mothers invested in village schooling to empower their children to break generations of illiteracy and so linking the greatest contribution to the poverty museum race of the net generation , and World Bank Jim Kims Youthful celebrations of  #2030now
.us text book history:..

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