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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

James Wilson - 21Herstory's Most Valued Scotsman

The most purposeful media man empires ever saw
A scottish hat factory entrepreneur who got so incensed with Westminster vested interest (corn laws and screw factory workers) that he went down to London to become the MP that sacked more than half of parliament

To assist this he founded The Economist in 1843 around the goals of ending hunger and ending capital abuse of youth

While his success in repealing corn laws came too late to prevent 150 yeras of troubloes bgetween Ireland and London, Quuen Victoria rather preferred the idea of being epicentre of commonwealth instead of slavemaking empire

Her assignment - go to calcitta to design banks that reform Raj economics ended James' life - 9 months into Calcutta relocation he died of dissentry - 100 yeras before a Calcutta lab invented orail rehydration whch becamse the first healkth service scaled by bottom-up womens empowermenet networks when the new nation of Bangaldesh 111 years later (1971) ended being empired over

James's son-in-law Walter Bagehot took over the reigns of The Economist and his work on The English Constitution helped accomplish Queen Victoria's dream

(Top 10 Net Generation Job Creator George Soros ineteconomics/open society/Central European University Budapest/ First Bottom UP Billanthropist South African Youth 1978 ) invites youth to demand Moocs on bottom-up economics - the first mooc in this genre started with Walter Bagehot's work Lombard Street)

Further references to pro-youth economists and mediators
1943 Centenary Biography of The Economist
1948-1988 archives of the The Economist's pro-youth economist who severely tested entrepreneurial revolution views of leading decision makers of the coming post-industrial revolution and net generation just as James had severely tested view of biggest decision making of the coming Industrial Revolution

Do you have a story of how James Wilson impacted your hemisphere that we could be posting at http://www.saintjames.tv
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