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Friday, June 19, 2015

SustainabiltyChild Launches Map of Counties  most supporting each others creative children in valuing sustainability
Launched by International Child Art Foundation - harnessing children's imaginations for positive social change YAZMI W4E AKIRA   - to join us in time to celebrate with 70 nations contact ashfaq by june 29
Yazmi commits to develop curriculum of creative children for sustainability beamed across Africa and Asia
AKIRA and ICAF commit to host hi-level 21st year debrief of children olympiads in 2016 in capitals of countries that have most supported icafs first 21 yeras including Asian region - China, Japan, Korea; Africa Region (...), Americas region
W4E will host events added to its diary of mobilising women empowerment and entrepreneurship events

Yazmi, ICAF and W4E commit to find one college within 200 miles of washington DC whose students most get this worldwide networking challenge, and invite prallel intercapital searches for sustainabilitychild alumni
2015 nation of year - Vatican

dr ranga is it too late to get kalam to send a short telegram of support -kalam 2020 vision - Google Search was to demand children tore up all non-sustainable curricula


if so we could target specific clusters
does washington post (ie bezos) want exclusive coverage at gala dinner- which of all the delegates attending have something to say to press

which latin americans want to lead in celebrating vatican as sustainability's number 1 supporter of educator and creative children  of-2015 - 2 embassies worth surrounding are - brazil their president is at white house on june 30 and is desperate to co- brand olympics with something that revitalises her millennials economy, and peru who are the other great exhibitor on the mall to july 4 as well as jim kims favored nation

mostofa - can you see if bbc's michael palin would send a telegram - good for relaunching his brazil series and getting cbck in touch with naila

rosalia- is there anyone from ecuador who would enjoy attending gala dinner with world most creative teachers/children; now that the pope has asked latin americans whether they will take the lead in returning the world to sustainability its hi-time
  1. Pope Francis on Climate - NextGenClimate.org‎ 

    The Pope says we have a moral duty to save our planet- see who agrees

is there anyone else in lead embassies or diaspora hubs who gets this?

it also gives us opportunity to research which teachers and first ladies and fashion stars want to form an alumni association of this emerging curriculum

there could be a different wording - but are we missing some sort of press release and can we access naila's reach in distributing good news 

also ashfaq you could get your female team of interns to unite in one  twitter label so that at least in dc the hashtag is near the top for next 20 days- use the agreed tag and pair with with every other tag of dc institutions that ought to be joining