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Monday, March 12, 2018

wondered if there is still time for canadian branches of arctic groups to get onto agenda

thing is technology of sharing community solutions is in my view the huge multiplier of so much youth involvement in any future particularly diversely spread out communities like the arctic

trudeau extremely close to jack ma worlds number 1 on tech for isolated communities and wants to be learning epicentre of green futures something he will launch in overdrive from tokyo olympics onwards- see www.gateway17.com -there is one toronto organisation https://www.futurpreneur.ca/en/   that seems to know most about how to get students and citizens into preparing agenda or g7/20 events- of g7 countries only canada really wanted to make 20 voices in futures of nations more relevant than the 7 - so its most trusted by the 13 nations that used to be excluded when g7 ruled the waves;

i havent found a way to get an active dialogue with futurpreneur but if we have a canadian interested in trying happily provide details on why canada is in my view the sanest national leadership space in amereicas at moment

 on climate the connections between trudeau macron modi and jinping are potentially very exciting when one looks at summit programs these 4 are driving- do we have an energy sub-circulation list of tufts arctic etc? back in london mostofa and i know whos who among bbc broadcasters, royal geographical society and prince charles green researchers - thing is they are so busy at hi-level storytelling that we really need to nominate one green top level connector for arctic to try and make active introduction

if i can get a meeting with peter raymond of aiib; korea's overall host of aiib2017 out of jeju set up green big bang club aiming to unite 2000 governors /[place leaders of race to carbon zero- his own club is mainly island economies- proposing a whole arctic club where place leaders wanted to benchmark race to carbon zero might be relevant starting with iceland connectors/ - brics has a huge hydro-power showcase investment with russia at keralia pretty close to finland Projects - New Development Bank  (i have yet to read china's white paper on polar silk road but i imagine it has 3 main pathways - one development corridor north west ie through russia to ed finland; one due north through mongolia but mainly energy pipelines to russia is the coastal cities you mapped; one which is the whole one eurasia cast as well as korea taiwan japan interests in opening up the icebreaking sea route- you mentioned two thirds? of arctic economy is linked to russian-belt; we didnt really talk that much about this at tufts?