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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

the tragedy of america -its congress is people #BR3 @theeconomist @obamauni

by banning all american president from finding ways of helping the future livelihood of russians we end up with even more tragic relationships spinning in the middle east- we need to step back- what is americas relationship to be with all countries whose main trade with america or anywhere depends on carbon energy

there are 2 aspects to what futures does a world leaders need to review

what is the future (other than failed nations and this terror anarchy networking) if these countries if we ever get to a green energy world

whilst stuck in transition between carbon and green energy world, what is the policy to minimise total two-way threats of destruction between these countries and usa- it makes no sense having separate policies each of which becomes more and more volatile

this latest reporting of saudi-vs trump relationships demonstrates how absurd congress foreign policy has become and why this is not just tragic for children of america but children of the world

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  1. where do russian peoples rights to innovate/sustaining better futures get discussed by clusters of trusted world leaders - the only forum with usa is the 8 arctic circles future debates; the most innovative dialogue for people with huge land resources is the shanghai cooperation O (SCO); where else? #BR3 #theceonomist @obamauni