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Thursday, August 25, 2022

 sept wwai final exam of UN2DC

some people keep a bible by their bedside; I keep dads logbook as a teenager world war 2 allied bomber command burma..dad survived and thanks to meeting von neummann dad's main job ask the most valuable question ever - what will peopels do with 100 tiems more tech every decade especially where peoples are not yet free from poverty or bullying disctators or oppressions of segemnts of their population

 i digress i wanted to share 3 extracts from economistdairy's last 15 yeras

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klUu03EMeRs see x below

jan 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKXXsINFoHQ

feb 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBLawXhJxSU

part 1 starts with xmas with muhammad yunus in bangaldesh 2017 - it appears to have endings in mob rule over grameen bank, the us capital, and putin's bodres with the Eu; x,as with yunus dec 2007; 9 year old ny jan 2008 asks yunus tells story of brainstorming capitalism with gaets dads last birthday party rac feb; coffee with yunus the day british banking died april 2008; july 2009 creating 10000 dvd copeies of yunsu celebrations as nobel judges open yunus museum in dhaka; hosting yunus 69th birthday party and herning that graneen bank was cpimng to end; hosting 70th boirthday party with glasgow adam smith scholars launching journalof social busienss; 2013 attending summit of nobel peace laureate sin poland - comparing the stiryries of yunus and lech walesa 9 obernight i felw pver to DC to attend the first yiuth summit)- i coudnt get lech walesa story out of my head - it connecetd with the one time I had made a presentation in ukrain in 1999 to 500 young people who were trying to grow their nation and wanted to hear babout the opportunities and threatsd of media; I had juts guesdt edited a tripl sepcial issue of jmm on every media mista kthe west made in the 20th C (if only i had know lech walesa's chapter and versrse 14 years earlier i would have been miuch clearer about all the evidence i already had on how careless the EU is about abywhere that isnt an insider to the way brussels-berlin's myiopoc understanding of brrder countries

part 2 this brings us to stories of launch of sdgoals and how digiotal cooprtation and womens worldwide ai tried to keep love going for our kids as first sustainabilit generation against all odds including 7 no trumps and whatever putin's bonfire of vanity will be called

lets start with part 3

somehow i got into the launch of sdg3 end starvation in 2015; it was ,memorable for the =irish pm a poet telling tales of how britannoa had starved half his peoples but he would try his best to ofer fotrgivness and speak in english for this event; being a diaspora scot I got the stiory but wasnt convinced by american comrades did; after all the idea that suoerpower can so easilys starve other peoples doesnt mix well with pomp of usa knows whats humanly right

things really hit the can the next yera sept 2016; the education comision chaired by compatrior Gordon Brown had brough 30 national leaders to testify that goal 4 education was unlikely to happen anywhere by 2030 and in some countries would not happen this century; after the meetin g many burecrats surrounded brown we must go fund raise for more money but jim kim lead a different team- he had spoken that youth summits he had started hosting at world bank had taught him new ways web 2 tech could analyse health and trade projects- thede were transforming world bank practicesd in these areas - could digital intel help with education too- while I had known that health at the Un is coordinated out of geneva and I hadnt understood that tech and trade was so that explained why jim kim didnt follow brown for the rest oif unga2016 and connecetd with un leaders form geneeva ; 4 months aftre UNGA 2016 engineer guterers started a 10 yera term ath same time as donald trump; as you may recall trump mianly used the UN to destabiilise green youth or ukkraine https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/12/trump-extorted-ukraine-2017-2018-impeachment-giuliani-mueller.html so guyterres was all too happy to let geneva get on with what went from the education sdg crisis to digital cooperation can save the Un and help roadmap digital UN2.0 among americans melinda gates bravely co-led this research phase; it was pretty stunning Europe had missed out all innovations of web 2 and kissingers shuttle diplomacy 2016 had been correct the last thing youth needed was a cold war over the trech of empowering sdgs- all of this detail is relevant to why september 2022 is the first post covid time that new york will have heard in real events about digital cooiperation or womens web3

I was luclky to get to 2 geneva conferences; ath the first amandeep gill was volunteering to be overall editor of all the digital cooperation experts; at the second a humanoid called sopihi was showing off how she knew to curate across functional silos of the un (its 50 pluse pieces in different countrie and 17 sdgoals0 ; perhaps digital cooperation would depend on metaverse and womens artifiical intel see eg www.sdgemetaverseprize.org and www.beingai.com

part 2happier is the top 30 cooperations of billion women economists with sustainability 1972 to 2018 -guided ytours offered to www.abedmooc.com - the most cooerative university in teh wprld; the largest schools cooperation (playschools now planting loveqin 40+ countries); in populatuon served teh worlds laregst cashless banks; as wellas the first 20 years of wird of moiuth webbing with any nation that wanted to raise women productivity tio equal that of men

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

ARE EUROPES TOP POLITICIANS STUPID BLIND OR EVIL ? There is no excuse to how they have left all ukrainian people in harms way- we didnt need the 21st c to repeat the 20th C

The European Union has totally failed its 1955 birth - peace to all- why havent there be mass resignations of the blind bureuacrats who have spent the whole of the 21st C enabling putin- back in 1984 it only needed what gorbachev and soros understood and apparently every top down eu leader completely misunderstood - not to become dependent on russian energy and so to prevent another stalin or hitler- 5 chapters written in 1984 make it clear how utterly top down western politicians have failed humanity - and as for the pathetic nobel peace judges - how could they reward the eu a prize

 I am not smart enough to understand why nations do what they do to each other ; but as far as I can see there are very few nations left who are doing what most of their people would choose as individuals responsible for families and community- if there were cop26 wouldnt have been our last best chnace

regarding putin what I sont understand - if he achieves whatever he wants from ukraine does he beleeve russian wealth will ever be more than half what is was at start of 2022; i cant see people around mother earth wanting to trust russian peoples to trade or exchanges of any sort 

I think this is very sad for every human being on the planet but as I say i dont understand leaders who need to power over others