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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

ARE EUROPES TOP POLITICIANS STUPID BLIND OR EVIL ? There is no excuse to how they have left all ukrainian people in harms way- we didnt need the 21st c to repeat the 20th C

The European Union has totally failed its 1955 birth - peace to all- why havent there be mass resignations of the blind bureuacrats who have spent the whole of the 21st C enabling putin- back in 1984 it only needed what gorbachev and soros understood and apparently every top down eu leader completely misunderstood - not to become dependent on russian energy and so to prevent another stalin or hitler- 5 chapters written in 1984 make it clear how utterly top down western politicians have failed humanity - and as for the pathetic nobel peace judges - how could they reward the eu a prize

 I am not smart enough to understand why nations do what they do to each other ; but as far as I can see there are very few nations left who are doing what most of their people would choose as individuals responsible for families and community- if there were cop26 wouldnt have been our last best chnace

regarding putin what I sont understand - if he achieves whatever he wants from ukraine does he beleeve russian wealth will ever be more than half what is was at start of 2022; i cant see people around mother earth wanting to trust russian peoples to trade or exchanges of any sort 

I think this is very sad for every human being on the planet but as I say i dont understand leaders who need to power over others

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